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Not Like Me (Blog Tour with author Eric Bryant)

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

We live in a diverse world filled with unprecedented opportunity. There is a call to move past the barriers that stand between us and those who may be different. Eric Michael Bryant has seen tolerance shown to those who are different than us — racially, religiously, sexually, politically, economically — and believes there must be more. After all, Jesus didn’t just tolerate people; he embraced them all with love.

Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World helps people of faith effectively love, serve, and reach people overlooked by the church.

Using lighthearted humor, engaging personal stories, and a “party theology,” Bryant shows us how to love our neighbors and fulfill the vision Jesus had for the church from the beginning.
Whether that is through building relationships with the help of bounce houses, stand up comedy, or piñatas, followers of Christ will be inspired to actively engage the world around them.

New Beginnings

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

This blog relaunched last November primarily as a social networking vehicle to support the launch of my speaking ministry and a consulting ministry that I launched earlier this year, Jericho Ministry Solutions. The content has, therefore, been focused on leadership, devotional thoughts, and theology to support those two ventures. While those ventures are still functioning, and you can contact me to speak at churches or retreats through the contact tab of this site and you can contact Jericho Ministry Solutions for more information about consulting, you’re going to notice an expansion in the content on the blog. I recently accepted the position as Chaplain at Southfield Christian School. As such, you will be seeing content related to education and occasionally topics geared towards a teen audience as well. I’m still working out the logistics and how that will look practically on the blog but I’m excited about the new ways this blog will be used for ministry in the very near future. I will continue to generate content that will appeal to all of my loyal reader (my mom and grandparents ☺) as I generate new content that will appeal to my new readers as well. Thanks for reading and please provide feedback to the site. This blog is only as good as the value it adds to your life and ministry.

With that said there’s something else happening on the blog this week that I’m really excited about. is going to be a part of the blog tour for Eric Bryant author of Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World. Eric will be here August 12th talking about his book and answering questions. Please welcome Eric to our community and engage him and his book. I look forward to learning from you and Eric as we discuss how to “effectively love, serve, and reach people overlooked by the church.”