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Second Station: Jesus Carries His Cross

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Now the Cross as Jesus bore it,
Has become for us who share it,
The jeweled Cross of Victory.

“It was the day of Preparation of the Passover; it was about noon. ‘Here is your king,’ Pilate said to the Jews.

“But they shouted, ‘Take him away! Take him away! Crucify him!’

“‘Shall I crucify your king?’ Pilate asked.

“‘We have no king but Caesar,’ the chief priests answered.

“Finally Pilate handed him over to them to be crucified. So the soldiers took charge of Jesus. Carrying his own cross, he went out to the place of the Skull (which in Aramaic is called Golgotha).” (John 19:14-17 NIV)

“Who has believed our message
and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?
He grew up before him like a tender shoot,
and like a root out of dry ground.
He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him,
nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.
He was despised and rejected by mankind,
a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.
Like one from whom people hide their faces
he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.” (Isaiah 53:1-3)

The Way of the Cross: First Station*

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Jesus, Lord, condemned, defiled,
May we too be meek and mild
As we tread your holy Way

May we feel no bitter hatred
When we too are persecuted,
Left alone to walk with You.

“Then the high priest stood up before them and asked Jesus, ‘Are you not going to answer? What is this testimony that these men are bringing against you?’ But Jesus remained silent and gave no answer. Again the high priest asked him, ‘Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?’

“‘I am,’ said Jesus. ‘And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.’

“The high priest tore his clothes. ‘Why do we need any more witnesses?’ he asked. ‘You have heard the blasphemy. What do you think?’ They all condemned him as worthy of death.” (Mark 14:60-64 NIV)

“The kings of the earth rise up
and the rulers band together
against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,

“I will proclaim the Lord’s decree:
He said to me, “You are my son;
today I have become your father.

“Ask me,
and I will make the nations your inheritance,
the ends of the earth your possession.” (Psalm 2:2, 7-8)

*Based on The Way of the Cross with text from the Scriptures published by Barton-Cotton Inc.

The Way of the Cross

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

This year I’m going to be live blogging the Way of the Cross to celebrate Good Friday. Throughout the day I’ll be posting meditations based on the traditional Roman Catholic Stations of the Cross. I invite you to join me on this meditation and please post your thoughts and meditations as we worship King Jesus together.

Kindle Fire Review

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

OK, ever since I got my Kindle Fire, people have been asking for my review. I’ve had it for a month and a half now so here it goes.

Bottom line: I like it. It’s perfect for what I want. First, I like the size. I think I like the size better than I would the larger tablets that are out there. It’s much more portable. I’ve been able to put in my pocket as I was walking around. Second, the battery life is better than I expected. I’ve only charged it three times. Now, I don’t use it daily. I use it pretty regularly but not every day. The Amazon App store is quite comprehensive. I have yet to come across an app I want that’s not available. Finally, it’s a great e-reader. That’s mainly what I was looking for when I bought it. I wanted an e-reader that was compatible with Kindle books I already own. But, I didn’t want solely an e-reader. I wanted a tablet so that I had the ability to do more than just read.

There was an unexpected bonus to the Kindle Fire. The first week I owned it I went to London for a conference. The first day I was there my laptop crashed. That was incredibly frustrating for many reasons. One of the main reasons, however, was that I was planning on taking notes on the computer. I never carry a pen and paper with me anymore. I even to my daily Bible reading and journaling digitally. The Kindle Fire turned out to be a great note-taking device. I use Evernote for all my note taking. I was unsure about the touchscreen keyboard. I’m one of those weird people that still like to feel the keys when I type. I had very few problems taking notes on the Kindle Fire using the touchscreen keyboard. The only think I don’t like about the keyboard is where the period is in relation to the spacebar. I typically use my right thumb to press the spacebar and on the Kindle Fire I find myself hitting the period a lot instead of space.

Overall the Kindle Fire is a great device. There are a couple things that I would like to see improved. My only real frustration is the lack of connection between the books and social media. I don’t know if there’s a copyright issue, but there are often times I’d like to post a quote from the book I’m reading to Facebook or Twitter. There is no way to do that with the Kindle Fire. I can cut and paste with the Kindle App on my Mac Book so it seems to me that the same functionality should be available on the Kindle. The other thing I’d like to do is move smoothly between apps. It’s a little thing but, it’s frustrating to have to go to the homescreen when I want to go to another app. I was using my Kindle Fire during one an Agape Community Gathering. Because I couldn’t seamlessly switch between a book and my Bible app I had to pull out my phone so that I could have both my Bible and the book I was using during our gathering. The other thing I don’t like is the location of the power button. It doesn’t make sense to have the power button on the bottom. I was using it as my Bible when I was speaking at a church and it powered down when I set it on the stand and I didn’t notice until I picked it up to read from it. (Fortunately I had the Bible text printed in my notes so I was able move on pretty quickly.) Yes, the screen automatically adjusts orientation but the opening screen to unlock the device is static. It’s a minor thing but it was incredibly inconvenient at the worst possible time for me.

If you’re looking for an e-reader that will provide additional functionality, the Kindle Fire is a great choice.