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Do Lent Generously

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

What is Lent?

Lent is one of the oldest most honored traditions of the Christian Church. It is the 40 day period before Easter when Jesus was preparing for the cross. Traditionally, the Church has used this time to remember Jesus preparation and sacrifice and prepare to celebrate his glorious resurrection. There was a time, centuries ago, when Lent was the time when all new believers prepared for baptism and to officially join the Church. Throughout the centuries the importance of Lent has changed among the various Christian traditions. Among Roman Catholics it’s a time to remember Christ’s preparation for the cross by denying themselves meat on Fridays and for many by fasting from a particular habit or luxury throughout the 40 day period. Some protestants use have special decor and vestments (sacred clothing worn by ministers during worship services) used to help focus worshippers on Jesus’ preparation. Others simply ignore Lent until Palm Sunday.

What are We Doing?

We’ve decided to take part in Do Lent Generously an initiative launched by Stewardship, an organization in the UK. Our goal is to take this important season remembering Jesus’ preparation for the cross as a time to focus more intentionally on living missionally. We want to honor Jesus and what he did by living intentionally the way Jesus call us to live, experiencing and expressing his love.

How Does This Work?

For the 40 days of Lent, Do Lent Generously will send out a daily generosity challenge. We take the challenge and try to be generous in the way described. The generosity challenges include, financial, time, emotional, and relational generosity. It will culminate at the and of Lent with a generosity event. (We’ve got a great on planned, but more on that later.)

If you’d like to join us go to Do Lent Generously for more information and sign up to receive the daily emails. Then, contact us so we can pray for and encourage you during Lent. You will also be among the first to find out about the special generosity event and have the opportunity to join in.

Have a blessed and generous Lent.

Grace and peace,
Team Leader for Agape Ann Arbor