Bryon Harvey is an enthusiastic communicator who uniquely leads people to a life-changing encounter with God. Bryon, who will complete his PhD program in New Testament Studies in 2012, clearly delivers messages that inspire people to apply Christ's truth to their lives. Bryon's passion, understanding of contemporary culture, and ability to communicate to people at all levels of understanding allow him to create fun, relevant and memorable learning experiences.

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For thirteen years, Bryon has spoken at worship services, retreats, and conferences. It is of utmost importance to him that both parts of Christ's great commission are fulfilled while he teaches – that people are led to Christ and also that they grow in their relationship with God. Bryon has appeared before audience sizes of 30-3,000 and custom-tailors his messages to speak effectively to each gathering.

Bryon is a missionary with Christian Associates International, launching a new missional community in Ann Arbor, MI, Agape Ann Arbor: A Community Experiencing and Expressing God's Love. To find out more about Agape Ann Arbor check out the Agape Ann Arbor website. For information on Christian Associates International and how to join Bryon's support team go to Bryon's staff page.

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Bryon has experience in both pastoral and administrative leadership roles at NorthRidge Church, one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America, where he helped launch their Spiritual Formation Ministry, Small Groups Ministry and first Satellite Campus. Additionally, his leadership strength has been tested and proven through ten years of military service. He currently serves as a Technical Sergeant in the Michigan Air National Guard.

Bryon is married to Jennifer and they have two children Brenda and Jonathan. The Harvey family loves theater, Michigan Football, Red Wing hockey, and spending time together.