Another Church? Why?

Does Ann Arbor really need another church in it? There are already more than 70 churches in the City of Ann Arbor. At least five of those churches are new plants that started within the past three years. In some ways it seems like adding another church into the mix is just muddying the waters.

Yet, in spite of all the churches in Ann Arbor almost 70% of the population is not part of any faith group. This includes non-Christian expressions of faith. Nearly 70% of the people living in Ann Arbor are atheist or agnostic. Moreover, there are 98,000 people living in Ann Arbor that do not know Jesus.

Yes, Ann Arbor needs another church. I believe that it is only through trusting in Jesus death and resurrection to overcome our sin that we can have a relationship with God now and forever. I believe that only through that relationship are we able to be the people that God created us to be. If I truly believe that then I need to do something about it. If I truly believe that Jesus fulfills our deepest desires and enables us to be who we’re truly meant to be then I need to do everything I can to connect people around me to Him. I need to show the people of Ann Arbor that I love them, God loves them, and Jesus died for them. The way I’m going to do that is by planting Agape Ann Arbor; a community experiencing and expressing God’s love.

Agape Ann Arbor is different from many other church plants. Many church plants focus on launching worship services. They focus first on getting a lot of people to gather together on Sunday mornings to hear the gospel. While I celebrate the influence those churches have on their communities, I feel like they’re focusing more on doing church on Sundays than being the church. That’s why we’re not launching Agape Ann Arbor as a worship service. We are launching a community.

We will worship together. We will have weekend worship services where we can celebrate God together and hear God’s word preached. That, however, is secondary. Our focus is to connect people in community to each other and to connect them to the God who loves them and died for them. We will build small communities where people experience and express God’s love.

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