Catalyst One Day session 2

Session 2 was lead by Craig Groeschel from This is the first time I’ve ever heard Craig speak. I’ve heard a lot of good things about him, and everything I’ve heard was correct. This session was incredibly personally value. The idea that we need to change our mindset regarding leadship in the local church. The assignments that he gave were very practical.
o Find someone one or two steps ahead of you and learn how they think.
o Identify one wrong mindset and ask God to renew your mind with truth.
o Identify one painful decision that you’ve been avoiding and make the decision no matter the short term pain.
I need to think on all of these deeply and try to process them. The main issue I need to process through is the third. I’m not sure what decision I might be avoiding right now. I’m curious to here from others out there about what they think of Craig’s three assignments.

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