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moving from life to eternal life

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Ron Martoia wrote an interesting post regarding how we understand the world and how that understanding should be reshaped by following Jesus. You can read it here.

Although I struggle with Ron’s choice of language because it feels “new agey” to me (which may come from my conservative religious background), I think he makes a very good point. In my opinion it ties directly into the nature of eternal life.

Throughout the gospels Jesus uses metaphors to describe what the community that he is creating is supposed to look like. Key to this concept is the fact that it is impossible for an individual to experience the kind of life Jesus is describing on their own. It takes the work of Jesus in one’s life.

This is where Ron’s post comes in. There’s another side to this coin. True, it is the Holy Spirit that works in us to transform us so that we can experience what Jesus is describing. With that said, however, God chooses not to force us into this experience. We have to choose to trust him and follow him. In point 2 of Ron’s application he talks about removing negative self-talk. This is an issue of trust. Jesus has promised that the experience of new life, eternal life, the kingdom of God (all of which I believe are metaphors for the same experience) is available now. Yet, we don’t live it. We don’t experience it. Because we don’t believe it. Instead we tell ourselves that it’s not for us. It’s something we’ll experience in heaven. It’s for the super-spiritual. It’s an ideal that was never intended for us to experience.

Do you trust Jesus or not? Do you believe his promises or not? Look through the gospels and see what Jesus has promised you. Stop telling yourself that you can’t trust Jesus and walk in the life that he has given you.

What is the gospel?

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you’ve seen several posts wrestling with the nature of the gospel and the polarization that is happening between the emerging and evangelical views. This is something that I’ve been working through for a while as I try to be true to God’s call and be more effective at communicating who Jesus is. There is a recent post on the Acts 29 blog by Tim Keller that addresses this. It is a very well thought out critique of the topic. If you’re at all interested in know more about the gospel or learning how to better communicate it to those around you, this post is a must read.