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The Voice of Disdain

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Like many people today I watched the inauguration of the first minority President of the United States. I was watching the coverage on ABC and was very disappointed in the way the newscasters handled themselves. I’m not sure who it was but whoever it was he was incredibly unprofessional, particularly in how he handled Rick Warren’s invocation. The newscaster didn’t even try to hide his disdain for President Obama’s choice of Rick Warren as the one to give the invocation (scornfully commenting on the fact that it is the President-Elect’s choice on who will give the invocation) or the fact that the Christian pastor mentioned Jesus in his prayer(scoffingly mentioning that the question of whether he would mention Jesus in the prayer). Now, I get it that evangelical Christianity is not held in high esteem in popular culture today. And, I don’t really care that this particular newscaster has a problem with the President’s choice or with Rick Warren using Jesus’ name in his prayer. I do, however, expect newscasters to be professional. Just as I expect everyone to be professional when doing their job. If the same disdain were expressed for a minority faith expression I believe that newscaster would have been at least chastised by someone at the network. It’s disgusting that on this momentus, historic moment in history a professional newscaster couldn’t be professional for the sake of honoring the moment.