Disturbing Stories

I subscribe to an RSS feed from MSNBC. This is one of the ways I try to stay informed with what’s going on in the world. By the way if you’re studying theology or in ministry, it is vital that you stay well informed sot that the work you do is relevant to the people with whom you minister.

Anyway… I read two stories in a row about horrible things that mothers did to their children. In one story a mother set her home on fire in hopes of killing her husband in order to collect insurance money and instead killed her two children. In another a woman burned the word “wimp” into her 6-year-old daughter’s neck.

These two stories are incredibly disturbing to me. How in the world could a person do this to their child? I don’t mean to be holier-than-thou judgmental, but seriously!! Am I off my rocker on this one or does this seem crazy to you. I know I’m supposed to say pray for these ladies and failure’s not final, but that isn’t particularly helpful to me right now. I believe that those things are true and I will pray for these women that God will do something in their lives but I’m disturbed that we live in a world that this sort of thing happens at all.

Maybe I’m just naive. In truth though, it’s hard for me to pray for these ladies or think anything positive at all about them. What about you?