Eulogizing the Living

I’ve had a very interesting experience over the last two weeks. As part of a restructuring at my church, my position was eliminated. During this transition I have had several people encourage me by sharing with me the impact I have had on them.

This has been an amazing experience. I have never felt more loved and appreciated by my friends and coworkers than during the past two weeks. And as I think about that, it makes me a little sad and very disappointed in myself. I’m not sad about the impact I’ve had. I’m surprised at the impact that God has had through me over the past several years. I’m sad how little I knew about that impact three weeks ago. And, I’m disappointed at how little people know about the impact they’ve had on me.

We seem to have this bad habit of eulogizing the dead and forgetting about the living. That’s what my friends and coworkers were doing over the past two weeks. They were offering me a eulogy as we mutually grieved the end of our working relationship.

Thinking about the love and encouragement I’ve felt during this time makes me think about all of the opportunities to love and encourage others I’ve missed. Like most people, I wait until the end to tell people about the impact they’ve had on me. Why do I wait so long? Why don’t I take the time to share my love for others as it’s happening? Why don’t I take time to eulogize the living? Imagine what life would be like if we made a point to speak well of, to eulogize, the people around us. Start today. Make a difference. Change the world. Eulogize the living.