Husband in Chief

Have you noticed the media coverage regarding the Obamas’ public displays of affection? Right now with the media frenzy around the first family everything ends up in the news. I have, however, found it interesting that the public displays of affection between Barack and Michelle Obama have gotten so much air time. I’m glad it has though. It’s great to see a married couple that love each other and aren’t afraid to show it. I’m incredibly frustrated with the way marriage is so often portrayed in our culture. It’s not a “ball and chain.” It is the most fulfilling human experience in the world. Yes, I understand it doesn’t always work out that way. People marry the wrong people for the wrong reasons. But, whose fault is that? It’s refreshing to see the most influential couple in the world show what marriage could and should be. I hope that one of the legacies of President Obama’s time in office is a reminder of what marriage is intended to be and a strengthening of the marriages in America.

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