I don’t want to be a pumpkin!

Preschoolers are a wealth of insight aren’t they? I had an interesting experience with my almost three-year-old daughter today. (Brenda turns 3 on the 22nd.) On our way to preschool this morning Bren was visibly upset. That’s unusual for her, because she loves preschool. I asked her what was wrong.

She told me she didn’t want to be turned into a pumpkin. We’re still trying to figure out how the idea that someone might turn her into a pumpkin entered her mind. This wasn’t a passing fancy though. When I picked her up this afternoon the idea that someone might turn her into a pumpkin was still bothering her.

As I was laying her down for be tonight, she emphatically reminded me that she wanted to be “just Brenda” she didn’t want to be a pumpkin. I, of course, reassured her that all she ever had to be was Brenda because that was who God made her to be.

That started me thinking though. How many of us would rather be pumpkins? Okay none of us aspires to be a vegetable but somewhere between 3 and 30 the desire to be “just Brenda” changes and we start desiring to be something different. For many people it’s a specific someone different. For others the difference doesn’t matter just as long as it’s different. We want someone to turn us into a pumpkin. We’re tired of being “just Brenda.”

What’s your pumpkin? For me it changes pretty regularly. Every time I go to a conference, or pick up a good book, or listen to a good podcast I find a new pumpkin. I’m one of those that has a specific pumpkin in mind and I see it all over the place.

That’s part of my problem. I see pumpkins all over the place and I wrestle with being “just Bryon.” Yet, the best thing I can be is “just Bryon” because that’s exactly what God created me to be. I’m in the process right now of wrestling through what it means to be “just Bryon.” I’m tired of looking at pumpkins and asking God to change me into one. I’m committing myself to being “just Bryon.” Being a pumpkin won’t fulfill me but being “just Bryon” can lead me to the abundant life that Jesus promised.

What about you. Have you figured out what it means to be “just you?” Are you happy being “just you” or are you trying to get someone to turn you into a pumpkin? If God wanted you to be a pumpkin he would have made you one. He made you to be you. Be “just you!” Be the best “just you” you can be!

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