Shiny and New

The Air Force is transitioning to new uniforms. By now, you’ve probably seen them. They’re shades of gray, green, and blue with tiger stripes. Pretty much everyone in the Air Force has their new ABUs. But, some of us in the Air National Guard are still stuck in our Cold War era BDUs, those old forest camouflage uniforms that no one under 30 remembers.

Over the weekend as I was performing my monthly training my new ABUs came in. I’ve got to confess, I was pretty excited about it. That is, until I got my box and the supply sergeant told me I couldn’t wear the uniform because the new boots haven’t come in yet.

You can’t wear a new uniform without the matching boots.

It was at that point that a realized how easy it is to not be content. I’ve worn BDUs for over eight years. They’re a perfectly acceptable uniform. Yet, I’m not content. I want my shiny new tiger stripe uniform.

This lack of contentment is featured in more places in my life than my Air Force uniform. I find it true in my spiritual life as well. I tend to be content with where I am but not content with what God is doing. That is so backwards. I should be content with God and frustrated with my lack of growth in God.

How about you? Are you finding yourself content with your effort and frustrated with God? Maybe God is frustrated with you because you haven’t grown to the place where he can use you the way he’s planned. It’s time for us to stop being content with ourselves and start being content with God. Then we’ll see what God can really do through us.