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1 John 2

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

The teaching in 1 John chapter 2 is a familiar yet hard teaching. Following Jesus is all about love. True love. The God kind of love. I know when I’m experiencing this kind of love because I can feel my heart expand in my chest. I thank God that I’m experiencing this kind of love more and more towards more and more people. But, I don’t experience it often or consistent enough. I don’t because the corollary to experiencing this kind of love is denying the false loves in our lives. Too often I love stuff, or how people think of me and I pursue those kinds of love. That’s not God love. That love originates in me, finds fulfillment in me, and glorifies me. Ultimately this selfish love, this sin, cannot be fulfilled because it is forever seeking more of the same and it devalues me because it pulls me away from the only true source of fulfillment and value. I need to reject it and remove that love from my life and allow God to replace it with His love, so that I can have a more intimate relationship with him and be a more committed follower of Jesus.