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Seeing Through New Eyes

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Yesterday morning I noticed a piece of twine tied to one of the trees in my neighborhood. At first I was confused. How did a piece of twine get tied to the tree like that? Then I remembered how the trees on that street looked when we first moved in. It was a new neighborhood. All of the trees that line the main thoroughfare had three pieces of twine tied to them and to stakes in the ground to help the young trees grow straight.

It’s been six years since we moved in. Those trees have grown over the past six years and no longer need the support of the twine. Trees grow slowly. They change slowly. As I saw those trees everyday, I didn’t notice how much the trees were changing over time.

The same is true in organizations. While some changes are fast and noticeable others are slow and hard to notice in the midst of a change. We often need a fresh look at what’s going on to understand how to lead in our organizations.

This is the value of consultants. Consultants take a snapshot of the organization and help the leadership see it with new eyes. The summer is coming and this often is the time when church leaders take time to pause, refresh themselves and plan for the next ministry season. This is the perfect time to consider bringing in a consultant to help plan the next phase of your church’s ministry. For more information about consulting and information on how one might help your church, contact Jericho Ministry Solutions. Or, you can email me directly at