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Fiscal Spirituality

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

A couple of days ago @human3rror posted an interesting tweet.  “Look. If you’re fiscally responsible and your current job can’t pay the bills, then you need another job. It’s not a spiritual decision.”

I appreciate the sentiment behind the tweet but I have to disagree with the statement as it stands.  Many of us try to separate our fiscal responsibility from our spirituality.  But that’s simply inaccurate.  Every fiscal decision is a spiritual.  As a matter of fact, every decision is a spiritual decision.  Every thing you do, every choice you make has spiritual ramifications.

With regards to @human3rror’s comment, though his reasoning was faulty, his application is spot on.  It is not honoring God to stay in a job that cannot support you or your family.  The responsible, wise, godly choice is to put yourself in the best fiscal situation possible based on your experience, education, and ability.  It is not godly to stay in a bad situation when God is providing you a better opportunity.

Now, with that said, I know that right now jobs are scarce, particularly here in Michigan.  If you’re stuck in a job that can’t support you and you don’t have another opportunity available to you, be faithful to God; continue to work as if you were doing it for God, because you are.  And remember, every decision you make has spiritual ramification.  Do your best to make the decision that will honor God in everything you do.

Where have you seen people try to separate their spiritual life from another aspect of their lives?