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Superbowl Leadership

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

This Sunday we will see Jim Caldwell lead the Indianapolis Colts in the Superbowl as a rookie coach.  This season he had the best start of any rookie quarterback in the NFL.  His 14-2 season also tied his predecessor Tony Dungy for the best season record held by an African-American coach.  Jim Caldwell has proven himself to be a strong leader.

It’s his predecessor, however, that I want to talk about today.  As I was listening to the commentators during the AFC championship game against the Jets it was Tony Dungy’s not Jim Caldwell’s leadership that stood out to me.  One of the reasons Jim Caldwell is such a great coach is because Tony Dungy prepared him for it.  Tony Dungy knew that a good leader prepares the leaders that will follow him.  During his tenure as the head coach for the Indianapolis Colts he was preparing Jim Caldwell to take over.  In the summer Dungy had Caldwell lead OTAs to prepare him for the time that he would be leading practice as the head coach.

The best leaders lead leaders.  They find leaders in whom they can invest themselves.  They train leaders who will ultimately replace them as they move on to new vistas of leadership.

Who are you training to replace you as a leader?