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The Second Wall That Keeps Us from Being the Church that God Intends

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

The second wall that keeps churches from being all that God intends is their Spiritual Development plan, or more often, their lack of one. I’ve been to a lot of churches that do a great job getting people to show up Sunday morning. But, they don’t know what to do with to do with them once they get there. Most of these churches say things like: “We do a great job on the first half of the Great Commission” or “We need to find a way to close the back door.”

The answer is they need a Spiritual Development Plan. A Spiritual Development Plan starts with a clear vision of Spiritual Development. In my experience this is the key piece that is missing in most churches. I’ve heard churches say that the goal of their Spiritual Development program is to make people more Christ-like or more loving. Statements like that preach well. They’re inspiring. But they don’t help the average Christ-follower. They’re too vague. A vision should describe what tomorrow should look like. There should be enough detail in the vision for people to know what next steps they should take. Yet, there should be room in the vision for people to paint their own part of the story as well. A Spiritual Development Vision should describe what people will look and act like when they are more Christ-like or more loving.

With the vision for Spiritual Development in place then it’s time to develop the Spiritual Development Plan. The plan will provide key action steps, milestones, and goals that will help individuals fulfill the vision for Spiritual Development. For more information on developing a Spiritual Development Vision and Plan contact Jericho Ministry Solutions.