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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

My daughter has a new favorite game, “The Fairy Game.” It’s a game created by Disney to go along with their move Tinker Bell. In the game you create a fairy and fly around Pixie Hollow helping the get ready to bring summer to the mainland.

My little girl’s favorite part of the game is creating the new fairies. She currently has 23 fairies that she has created and printed that we’ve put in a binder for her. It’s not just creating fairies though. She loves to create. Her favorite thing to do at home is create art projects whether painting, molding play dough, or gluing random things together. At church and in preschool her favorite part is craft time. One of her favorite destinations is the Detroit Institute of Arts because she love doing the art projects on the weekends.

But it’s not just my daughter that loves to create. Deep inside, I think we all love to create. Some people create businesses and organizations that do great things in the world. Some people create inventions that make our lives easier. Some people create beautiful works of art. Some people create wonderful stories that capture our imaginations. I love to create through this blog hopefully helping people draw closer to God and become better leaders. I also create through my research as I learn new things and communicate them through articles and my upcoming dissertation.

J. R. R. Tolkien calls this desire to create subcreation. He talks about it in his essay “On Fairy Stories” that you can find in The Tolkien Reader (it’s out of print so check your local library). Tolkien argues that subcreation is part of the image of God. God is a creative being who has created beings in his image that love to create. Now, only God can truly create by creating something out of nothing, but we can create by taking what he has creating and manipulating it to become something different and new. We create because our Father is creative. Creating is one of the ways that we display the image of God that is in us. Part of the way we worship and glorify God is to create.

What about you? What do you love to create? How are you displaying the image of God through the creative drive in you?

I Can’t Keep Quiet

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I got a bad case of laryngitis yesterday. In a sick way I was kind of happy about it. I was looking forward to blogging about all the great spiritual insights I gained by spending a day unable to talk. I wanted to have a cool, deep, spiritual post like the ones I often read. The only thing I learned is that I can’t keep quiet. Even without a voice I had to talk.

Yet for me, that is a spiritual insight. I admire the people that have great spiritual depth. I admire the people that have stories of deep spiritual experiences. I admire the people that can spend hours in silence alone with God and learn deep fascinating things.

But I’m not one of those people. My experience with God will never be like theirs. Nor should it. I need to focus on growing closer to God by accepting and embracing who I am. I am a communicator and I need people. I need to connect with people. I see God in my interactions with others. I see God in people. I see God in his image that he has placed in others.

I don’t know how you best connect with God. I don’t know when it is that you see him but remember, you are uniquely created in the image of God and however you connect with God is the right way for you. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Become all that God has created you to be through that connection.

Where do you most often see God?

Fiscal Spirituality

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

A couple of days ago @human3rror posted an interesting tweet.  “Look. If you’re fiscally responsible and your current job can’t pay the bills, then you need another job. It’s not a spiritual decision.”

I appreciate the sentiment behind the tweet but I have to disagree with the statement as it stands.  Many of us try to separate our fiscal responsibility from our spirituality.  But that’s simply inaccurate.  Every fiscal decision is a spiritual.  As a matter of fact, every decision is a spiritual decision.  Every thing you do, every choice you make has spiritual ramifications.

With regards to @human3rror’s comment, though his reasoning was faulty, his application is spot on.  It is not honoring God to stay in a job that cannot support you or your family.  The responsible, wise, godly choice is to put yourself in the best fiscal situation possible based on your experience, education, and ability.  It is not godly to stay in a bad situation when God is providing you a better opportunity.

Now, with that said, I know that right now jobs are scarce, particularly here in Michigan.  If you’re stuck in a job that can’t support you and you don’t have another opportunity available to you, be faithful to God; continue to work as if you were doing it for God, because you are.  And remember, every decision you make has spiritual ramification.  Do your best to make the decision that will honor God in everything you do.

Where have you seen people try to separate their spiritual life from another aspect of their lives?