The Bible Says Party on New Year’s Eve… sort of

New Year’s Eve has never been a big deal to me. But I’ve got to tell you; I think I’m missing out. Celebrating New Year’s Eve is actually a biblical concept. In the Old Testament God included three national holidays in the official calendar of Israel.

Passover celebrated how God had freed them from slavery in Egypt. Pentecost took place at the beginning of the harvest and celebrated God’s provision of food for another year. Tabernacles was celebrated at the end of the harvest and celebrated both God’s provision of a good crop and His provision for the people when they were wandering in the desert for 40 years. They celebrated what God had done for His people and looked forward in hope to what God would provide in the future.

I’ve been missing out on that, a chance to celebrate how God has provided for us over the past year and look forward in hope to what He will provide in the upcoming year.

Today, I’m celebrating some amazing things as I think about how God has provided for my family and me and looking forward in great hope. I want to let you know about two things and would love your prayers regarding them. First, launches this week. This is part of a speaking ministry that I’m launching where people can book me to speak at their church, conference, or retreat. I look forward to seeing how God will use this ministry to knock down the walls that keep people from experiencing all that God has for them. Second, we’re in the process of launching Jericho Ministry Solutions. The mission of Jericho Ministry Solutions is to help churches knock down the walls that keep us from being the church that God intends. You’ll see more about this in the next couple of months.

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to celebrate what God has done and to look forward in hope to what He’s going to do.

As you watch the ball drop tonight, what will you be celebrating and what will you be looking forward to?

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