The Distance Between You and God (Part 2)

If you missed Tuesday’s post, make sure to read it.  It sets the foundation for the next several posts in the series.

We’re talking about what it takes for a Christ-follower to overcome the relational distance created between us and God when we sin, by looking at Psalm 51.  As we look at the first six verses we learn the first step to restore our relationship with God.  Confession.  The first step to overcoming that relational distance created by sin is to admit our sin.

That’s harder than it first sounds though.  There are several aspects to that admission.  Confession isn’t merely a mumbled I’m sorry for getting caught.  That’s often how we confess to each other, is it not?  Confession is more than that.  First, we must acknowledge that what we’ve done is truly wrong.  Until we acknowledge that our sin is sin, we will never restore our relationship with God.   Many times we don’t believe our sin is truly sin.  We are trapped by our culture’s “everything’s OK” mentality.  Everything is not OK.  Sin is still sin and sin keeps us from experiencing the relationship with God for which He created us.

Second, we must repent.  The word repent means to turn away.  We must consciously turn away from our sin.  Often, we get trapped in our sin and though we long to be closer to God we refuse to turn away from our sin.  We cannot restore our relationship with God unless we repent.  Our relationship with God has to be more important to us than our sin.  There’s a lot that goes in to repentance that we can talk about another time.  For the sake of this step in restoring our relationship with God, repentance is the inner conviction to leave that sin and lean on God.

That leaning on God will lead us to our next post.

Until then, have you ever seen or experienced confession restoring a relationship?

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