The Future of the Gospel

I have a confession to make. I’m kind of a conference junkie. As a missionary and church planter in Ann Arbor, MI it hard to find the time to connect with other missionaries and church planters to learn from and build relationships with. It’s also hard for me to create space to sit back and experience corporate worship and teaching, which all Christians need. That’s why I like conferences.

Yet, it’s not easy to attend a conference. The conference cost plus food, travel, and lodging makes it difficult to attend conference. So, I’m very selective about what conferences I attend. With that said, in 2013 I will definitely be attending:

This year we will be discussing how themes such as Gospel, Kingdom, and Scripture interact in a pluralistic culture where Christianity once was but no longer is the dominant framing story of culture.

Here’s why I’m attending this conference:

  • The theme is incredibly relevant to me and the ministry we are doing through Agape Ann Arbor.
  • Two of my favorite authors and long-distance mentors Scot McKnight and Dallas Willard are speaking.
  • Another long-distance mentor and someone I’m developing great respect for is speaking, David Fitch.
  • This conference is intentionally diverse in denomination and theology.
  • I expect to connect with other missionaries and church planters.

I could give you other details like the cost, the schedule, the accessibility of the venue, etc.  But you can go to the website for that.

Here’s what you need to know.  If you’re a missionary, church planter, or ministry leader in America looking to engage with American culture in a way that honors Jesus and pushes forward the influence of his kingdom, you need to be at The Future of the Gospel: A Missio Alliance Gathering.  So, stop asking questions. Stop thinking about it.  Go to the website and register.