what do you think about your wife/husband

In my last post I talked about the effects that thoughts have on experience. Today I want to apply that specifically to marriage. It’s an incredibly disturbing trend to me to see the number of marriages failing today. It’s a shame that the relationship that God designed to, in my opinion, most reflect Him often reflects Him the least. I think that the way we think about our spouses has a huge part to play in that. Take a moment and think about the thoughts you’ve had recently about your husband or wife. What have those thoughts been? Have you thought intentionally about them or have you let your mind wander? Have you thought about them at all when they weren’t present with you? A couple days ago I took some time to intentionally think about how much I love my wife and the things I love about her. It was incredibly fulfilling. It was almost like I fell in love with her all over again. Sadly, I don’t intentionally think about her or anything enough. Far too often I allow my mind to wander. I have a challenge for you. Take some time in the next 24 hours and think intentionaly about the person that means most to you. If your married I hope that person is you spouse. If not, think about your spouse anyway. It will be good for your marriage. Think about how they enrich your life. Spend some time intentionally reflecting on the importance your spouse, or if you’re not married the most important person in your life. After that 24 hour period journal or post here your thoughts and experiences. I think you’ll be pleased in the way such an action improves your relationship.

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