Why Church?

If you are a part of a church, why?

Have you ever heard this statement? I attend (fill-in-the-blank) church now because the teaching is deeper. It’s usually said with a smug arrogance directed at the last church the attended that “didn’t go deep enough” for them. What does that even mean anyway? What is “deep teaching?”

Here’s my root problem with that statement. It reeks of consumerism. At it’s core, that statement is saying that church is about what I get out of it and if I’m not getting what I want, I’ll go somewhere else. After all, what am I getting for the money I give?

Here’s the reality. Church isn’t about you. If you leave, the church will still be the church. If you stop giving the church is still going to be the church. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10).

So I’ll ask again, why are you a part of a church?

This is an area where I think my Catholic brothers and sisters are moving in the right direction. A church worship service is not about the people sitting in the pews. It’s about God. Catholics attend mass to meet God. Specifically, they believe they meet God in the eucharist. This isn’t the place where I want to debate the theology of the eucharist. It’s not important for this post. What is important is that Catholics attend mass to meet God not to learn interesting factoids about the Bible. This should be true of all Christians. We should all attend worship services with the goal of meeting God. After all what are we worshipping?

Finally, why are you a part of a church? Is it about you or about God?